E3 2018: FromSoftware's Metal Wolf Chaos XD Announced for PS4

E3 2018: FromSoftware's Metal Wolf Chaos XD Announced for PS4

We shouldn't have too long to wait.

The game was originally developed by FromSoftware and was released exclusively for the original Xbox in Japan, with full English voice acting. Now players of the previously exclusive to Japan title can't let freedom reign once more as President Michael Wilson. The president use a power armor named Metal Wolf as he fights the enemies.

The game's absurdly patriotic story and wild action gameplay made it a favorite amongst Western gamers who largely only ever experienced the game via YouTube videos and shared screenshots. Metal Wolf Chaos XD is coming to Xbox One, PS4 and PC, and will, according to the marketing materials that just could not resist this pun, ask you to Mech America Great Again.

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According to the newly launched Steam page, the game will feature "meticulously updated visuals with improvements to resolution, select textures, and visuals effects that are brought to life in a new widescreen format with 1080p and 4K support, where applicable". The company posted a Twitter post later that month to FromSoftware's Yasunori Ogura stating, "Give us a shout, we'd love to talk about Metal Wolf Chaos!".

Devolver Digital teased the game's release on Saturday.