European Union backs Canadian PM Justin Trudeau after Donald Trump's sharp words

European Union backs Canadian PM Justin Trudeau after Donald Trump's sharp words

Britain on Monday urged the United States to honour free-trade commitments made at the G7 summit even after US President Donald Trump rejected a joint communique in a bitter spat over tariffs.

In response to the initial tweets critical of her country and prime minister, Canada's foreign minister, Chrystia Freeland, said her nation "does not conduct its diplomacy through ad hominem attacks".

But instead of punishing the entire U.S. economy, the initiative proposed by Scott Gilmore, a former Canadian diplomat and social entrepreneur, suggests that his compatriots punish Trump himself by striking at his "wallet".

Kudlow said Kim must not see "American weakness" on the eve of the Tuesday summit.

The President, who left the G7 Summit early to go Singapore for his meeting with Kim Jong Un, called Prime Minister Justin Trudeau "very dishonest and weak". He has said boldly that America stands with Canada, even as Trump does not.

Mr Trudeau did not immediately respond, but his office said on Saturday after Mr Trump withdrew support for the communique that the Prime Minister had not said anything in his closing news conference he has not said to Mr Trump before. Can't do it in person.

In scenes, remarks, and tweets that are unprecedented in the diplomatic world, Trump brought the US-led alliance of advanced economies close to a rupture, refusing to sign a joint communique with the group and calling Trudeau a "dishonest liar" - all over the contentious issue of trade tariffs on which he feels the U.S. has been unfairly treated. "Number one, he's not going to allow the people to suddenly take potshots at him hours before that summit, and number two, Trudeau should've known better". "Now, these are things that the prime minister said before, basically, but he didn't say them before (or) after a successful G7 communique, where President Trump and the others all worked in good faith to put a statement together, which, by the way, nearly nobody expected to happen".

"There are always irritants in relationships", Pompeo said, adding that without partners like Canada, "we wouldn't be in this place, we wouldn't have this diplomatic opportunity" with the North.

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Kudlow, the conservative economist who directs the National Economic Council, was upset with Trudeau's comments at a press conference after the contentious Group of 7 summit in Quebec.

Mrs May pointedly voiced her support for the rules-based worldwide order which some commentators have accused Mr Trump of putting at risk.

"If they retaliate, they're making a mistake", Trump said. Minimum is 17B. Tax Dairy from us at 270%.

Kudlow was particularly offended that Trudeau would say this ahead of Trump's North Korean summit.

In a meeting at the White House during the French president's visit to Washington in April, Macron suggested the United States and France should work together to resolve shared trade problems with Beijing, prompting Trump to make his remark, a person in the room told CNN.

"Sorry, we can not let our friends, or enemies, take advantage of us on trade anymore".

Speaking to the House of Commons, May said the other G-7 nations "expressed deep disappointment at the unjustified decision of the United States to apply tariffs to steel and aluminum imports" and urged dialogue to avoid "tit-for-tat escalation".