Val Kilmer Returning As Iceman In 'Top Gun' Sequel

Val Kilmer Returning As Iceman In 'Top Gun' Sequel

In the original Top Gun, Cruise and Kilmer's characters, Maverick and Iceman, respectively, developed a tentative friendship after working out their fierce rivarly on screen.

Well, guess what? Val Kilmer has been roped in for the second edition of the film as well which has been titled as "Top Gun: Maverick".

Val Kilmer is set to return as Maverick's (Cruise) former rival Iceman in Top Gun: Maverick, EW has confirmed. The film also starred Kelly McGillis, Tom Skerritt, Michael Ironside, Meg Ryan and Tim Robbins. Kilmer teased returning to the project a few years back when he posted on Facebook, "I just got offered #topgun2 - not often you get to say "yes" without reading the script". I jumped the topgun... But with drone technology making people in the pilot seat increasingly obsolete, could time be running out for the Top Gun school?

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Iceman and Maverick (Tom Cruise) had a frosty, adversarial relationship in Top Gun, vying for ace pilot status at the legendary military flight school.

The sequel will be directed by Joseph Kosinski, whose previous work includes the Tom Cruise sci-fi movie Oblivion. Though the two of them ended the 1986 movie on good terms, it's possible that old tensions could resurface in the follow-up, seeing how star Tom Cruise has described the upcoming actioner as "a competition film, like the first one". It took three years for that deal to solidify, but Paramount will be releasing Top Gun: Maverick on July 12, 2019.