A weekend lie-in is a life-save

A weekend lie-in is a life-save

"The mortality rate among participants with short sleep during weekdays, but long sleep during weekends, did not differ from the rate of the reference group", a section of the research read.

Researchers say getting more sleep on Saturday and Sunday morning may extend your life.

The authors from Stockholm's Karolinska Institute tracked the sleep of more than 43,000 people for 13 years from 1997. "This suggests that short weekday sleep may be compensated for during the weekend". "If you can function on what you get, you are likely getting the right amount of sleep", Åkerstedt noted. The individuals were restricted to 4.67 hours of sleep for each 20-hour time period, which is the equivalent to sleeping around 5.5 hours in a 24-hour day.

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People who only get less than five hours of sleep a night throughout the week, but then have a longer snooze on the weekends, had no heightened mortality risk. Will the findings of this study motivate you to change your sleep habits.

Inadequate sleep has always been proven as a trigger and cause for mental and physical illnesses and even leading to an early death. "It's a fundamental part of our biology, like breathing". He was not involved in the new study.

We often hear about how the most successful people wake up early and get a jump start on their day before the sun is up. "If you eat OK during the week and you splurge a little on the weekend, you probably aren't hurting your health, but if you eat crap all week, no amount of Brussels sprouts or kale that you eat on the weekends can make up for that", he said. "People can not learn to live on insufficient sleep and they may not be aware of their reduced cognitive abilities". "Perhaps it's giving them hope that this habit is in some way good for them".