NDP and PCs tied, new polls say

NDP and PCs tied, new polls say

"As mayor, I never ran the city based on debt", she said about Liberal Leader Kathleen Wynne.

Progressive Conservative Leader Doug Ford will be campaigning in the southwest, making an announcement in Woodslee, Ont., and then heading to Kingsville, Ont., for a meet and greet before attending a rally this evening in Chatham, Ont.

"This campaign is about change for the better, it's about a future in Ontario where people can start building a better life again", Horwath said at a stop in east-end Toronto.

The New Democrats have released a full platform, and the Liberals have so far been campaigning on the policies laid out in their recent budget.

The first poll from Abacus Data, sampling the opinions of over 2,800 Ontario voters between May 16-18, showed the PCs and NDP neck and neck with one another (35 per cent for the Tories versus 34 per cent for the NDP) with the Liberals a distant third.

A Ford spokeswoman said yesterday the allegations are old and that the party's appeals committee has since reviewed them and found them to be unsubstantiated. "When it comes to June 7 they're either going to vote in a radical NDP.or they can vote for a Doug Ford PC government".

"You can move from right to left as long as you avoid the Liberals", Bourque said in an interview.

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"I think most Ontarians want a plan.want something to maybe not hope for but to believe in and we don't see that with Doug Ford", she said.

"The NDP is gaining momentum and so they are becoming the main opposition or the Conservatives, so basically the fight would be between the two", she said. "For 15 years, the Liberals have been partying with the taxpayers' money and the NDP wants to keep the party going, just with a different tune".

The next two weeks will show if support for the New Democrats has solidified, but Forum says 77% of those polled say they are unlikely to change their support, and 59% say they are very unlikely.

Ford has been facing increasing criticism in recent days for not yet producing a full plan.

Horwath said Ontario, "needs to ask the rich to help us pay to make sure that our loved ones have dignified quality of care and access to the long-term care beds they need".

Ford also has a single campaign event on his schedule, also in Toronto.