Longtime Cohen Business Partner Agrees to Plea Deal

Longtime Cohen Business Partner Agrees to Plea Deal

The payment was arranged by intermediaries acting for Ukraine's leader, Petro Poroshenko, the sources said, though Cohen was not registered as a representative of Ukraine as required by United States law.

Cohen denies the BBC's report, and the Ukrainians identified by the BBC as having opened the backchannel to Mr. Trump also denied the report.

'Poroshenko's inner circle were shocked by how dirty this whole arrangement [with Cohen] was, ' the source said, according to the British news site.

There is no suggestion the president knew about the alleged payment, with a second Kiev source telling the BBC that it was actually $600,000.

The business partner of President Trump's personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, has entered into a plea agreement with the state attorney general that could lead to him cooperating in a federal probe of Cohen.

Cohen's business dealings are being scrutinized by federal prosecutors.

It suggests that Cohen broke a U.S. law requiring people to register as lobbyists for foreign governments. He's known as the "Taxi King" of NY and the reporting that has come out about his importance has been fascinating.

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"But negotiations continued until the early hours of the day of the visit".

One of Michael Cohen, Donald Trump's attorney, one of his business partners entered a plea deal with prosecutors in the state of NY this week, to where he can avoid lofty prison sentences for ... he's been accused of ... let's see. This is how we assess the misinformation that the meeting of the presidents of Ukraine and the United States was allegedly organized for money. "Ukraine-US summit in June 2017 had been arranged exclusively by means of official diplomatic channels, in particular Ukraine's Embassy in the US".

It is noted that the White house did not immediately respond to the Agency's request to provide comments. Trump did not specify the reason for the payment. That same year, Everett Abitbol, a Philadelphia-based business partner, said that Freidman had paid out $1.6 million to fake drivers and pocketed the money. He also denies knowledge of the payment. "And he never registered as a foreign agent".

"I can not comment on any speculation regarding what the entry of the plea indicates regarding any case other than my client's", he said. "I've already publicly said that this is destroying my life". "And on neither end was it consummated".

The Ukrainian side were angry, the official went on, because Cohen had taken "hundreds of thousands" of dollars from them for something it seemed he could not deliver.

The Ukrainian president wanted to meet with Trump to clear the air over the 2016 presidential campaign.

Ukrainian sources said Poroshenko authorized the leak about the millions Manafort received from the Ukraine because he believed Hillary Clinton would win the presidential election. Mr Manafort resigned a few days later.