Gina Haspel confirmed as CIA's first female director

Gina Haspel confirmed as CIA's first female director

Democratic U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin voted against her confirmation. Jeanne Shaheen of New Hampshire and Sen.

"There is no greater voice on this subject than John McCain's", said Sen. She oversaw the waterboarding of at least one detainee, Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri. A victim of torture as a prisoner of war during the Vietnam War, he had urged Senate colleagues to reject Haspel's nomination. She has been serving as acting director. After the tortures in the black site of Thailand was reported, it was shut down. He knew this would "surface the tapes' existence", and the legal department at the CIA's Counterterrorism Center agreed the videotapes had to be destroyed.

President Donald Trump nominated Haspel as successor to Mike Pompeo, who is now Secretary of State. "Her refusal to acknowledge torture's immorality is disqualifying".

Indiana Senator Joe Donnelly, also up for reelection, said that he believed Haspel "has learned from the past, and that the Central Intelligence Agency under her leadership can help our country confront serious worldwide threats and challenges". However, Ms. Haspel's role in overseeing the use of torture by Americans is disturbing.

"In this position, she assists the D/CIA in managing intelligence collection, analysis, covert action, counterintelligence, and liaison relationships with foreign services", the CIA explained. "Congress needs to be able to provide fully informed oversight. They include the extraordinary sisterhood in CTC that brought their passion and drive to the fight to bring down aAl-Qaeda; the mentors, role models, and close friends who supported and believed in her throughout her career", the article read. All but three Republicans supported her nomination, including Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky.,.

How can senators be convinced it won't happen again if Haspel refuses to fully reckon with her past in public? Four of those Democrats face tough midterm elections later this year in red states.

However, several members of the opposition Democratic party remained critical of her and voted against.

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"My moral compass is strong".

"It speaks well of him for picking a seasoned veteran of the agency who is widely and deeply respected by the workforce as well as those outside the agency", Clapper said at the time.

President Donald Trump's pick to lead the CIA was confirmed Thursday to take the post despite concerns about her history with the agency's now defunct enhanced interrogation program, which has been roundly criticized as torture.

"I believe torture is inconsistent with our nation's values, and its use has harmed America's standing in the world". The agency has also released a timeline of her career, showing her journey through the CIA for all her time there.

A fact sheet was released by the White House, listing the reasons why Gina Haspel was "the right person to lead the CIA". They also had questions about her rejection of the now-banned techniques.

Other Democrats on the committee had troubuling words for Haspel.