Arab League demands global probe into Israeli crimes

Arab League demands global probe into Israeli crimes

Safadi called on the global community to shoulder its moral, humanitarian and legal responsibilities and launch an independent worldwide investigation into Israel's massacre against civilians in Gaza and demanded protection of the Palestinian people from the Israeli occupation's policies.

Israel has come under mounting global pressure over the deadly violence. "And do not argue with the fact that the objective of the group is the murder of Israeli civilians", - stated the Prime Minister. Snipers are supposed to aim at protesters' legs and can shoot only with approval from a commander. He was among 18 medical personnel who were wounded that day while another died of a sniper bullet to the chest.

The death toll led to global condemnations of Israel and calls for an independent investigation. On Wednesday, a Hamas official said 50 of the 62 killed on Monday and Tuesday were members of the group and the Islamic Jihad terror group claimed another three as its members.

On Friday, some 15,000 Palestinian protesters started fires on the Palestinian side of the crossing, damaging gas pipelines leading to the enclave, the IDF said.

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The 1948 Palestine war refers to the war that occurred in the former Mandatory Palestine during the period between the United Nations vote on the partition plan on November 30, 1947, and the official end of the first Arab-Israeli war on July 20, 1949.

Hamas, representing the extreme anti-Israel branch of the Palestinian people, won an election against a more moderate Palestinian group and promptly told Israel that it would eliminate the Jewish state by militant means. "This contradicts the government's long-stated position that, as a close ally and fellow liberal democracy, Israel can count on Canada's support when its security is threatened".

Earlier this week, Kuwait's UN Ambassador Mansour Otaibi said he would call for a multilateral force to be deployed in Gaza for the "protection of Palestinian civilians", though he added "we're not talking about peacekeeping". "It's disappointing that our prime minister did not condemn Hamas in his statement". "I certainly hope that if armed terrorists approach our border, Trudeau will be prepared to permit Canadian border guards to use real bullets".

Over the past seven weeks, thousands of Palestinians living in Hamas-controlled Gaza have gathered at the Gaza border for what organizers call the "March of Return", and clashed with Israeli soldiers.