Apple reportedly planning direct subscriptions for video services

Apple reportedly planning direct subscriptions for video services

Apple was rumoured to be working on an actual TV set for a long time but reports pertaining to that stated "the project eventually went nowhere and it's dead now".

Amazon now offers a very similar product.

In a bid to take the competition to rival Amazon, Apple is now planning on selling subscriptions to video-streaming services directly via its TV app. A user's Apple payment information is used to pay for video services, and the process is completed via third-party apps.

The company has entered talks with some of top streaming solutions, reports Bloomberg, Using a view to striking a deal to get them provide a signup option inside its standalone TV program for Apple TV, iPad and iPhone. When CEO Tim Cook introduced the TV app, he pointed out that it will be "the one place to access all of your television [for] a unified TV experience", according to Pocket-Lint. It is useful when users want to locate shows from a wide array of apps and channels.

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This boosts the Apple TV app on various devices like iPads and iPhones, Bloomberg says this would also give the company another way for the tech giant to boost its service business.

Under the redesign, which Bloomberg's sources said should be made available next year, subscription purchasing will be accessible directly via Apple's TV app.

Apple already taps into subscription revenue for third-party video services when customers subscribe via apps downloaded from the App Store. If Apple can't make their own streaming TV service then the next best thing would be to centralize existing video services for convenience.

Apple declined when asked to comment on its reported plan for the TV app.