Microsoft CEO: Our Cloud Will Beat AMZN, GOOG on Customer 'Trust'

Microsoft CEO: Our Cloud Will Beat AMZN, GOOG on Customer 'Trust'

Microsoft's has long empowered developers to achieve more, and today at Build 2018, the company shared the next step in that mission.

Microsoft 365 is a comprehensive development platform - with pen, ink, mobile, devices, cloud and developer tools - all with infused intelligence, bringing simplicity to customers and streamlining development. The CEO highlighted the fact that Microsoft's cloud competitors finance their cloud computing businesses with revenue generated from other ventures such as retail and advertising, which may run counter to the interests of business customers. In addition, Microsoft is also open sourcing the Azure IoT Edge runtime, which will allow developers to customize their edge deployments as needed.

Microsoft also detailed its new Your Phone iOS app for Windows 10. The SDK will bring full flight control and real-time data transfer capabilities to almost 700M Windows 10 connected devices globally. The move represents the first Azure Cognitive Service to be extended to the edge with support for more services coming "over the next several months", Microsoft said.

The announcements cover three key development areas- Azure Kubernetes Service, Visual Studio IntelliCode.

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The product is called Project Kinect for Azure.

DJI's SDK is available as part of a beta preview for attendees at Microsoft Build. A new Speech Devices SDK will provide improved audio processing for higher accuracy in speech recognition, while updates to Azure Cognitive Services will bring enhanced speech recognition and text-to-speech, as well.

Microsoft Remote Assist will enable users to communicate remotely via hands-free video calling, image sharing and mixed-reality annotations. Import 3-D models to create room layouts in real-world scale, experience designs as high-quality holograms in physical space or in virtual reality, and share and edit with stakeholders in real time. Still, Microsoft is 300 million devices away from the overly optimistic goal of 1 billion devices by 2018 they had when Windows 10 was launched.

At its Build developer conference this week, Microsoft is putting a lot of emphasis on artificial intelligence and edge computing. Now every organization can make attractive solutions that empower their customers to do more.