Fitbit female health tracking goes live as healthcare apps start rolling out

Fitbit female health tracking goes live as healthcare apps start rolling out

Fitbit finally rolls out two features users have been asking for: text response and female health tracking.

In a blog post Fitbit added: "Track where you are in your cycle, view when your period is expected and see your upcoming estimated fertile window in the new Fitbit Today personalized health dashboard on Versa or Ionic".

There are already a lot of free apps that help women track their feminine health, but Fitbit believes its offer will stand tall among the rest of the competition.

Fitbit then allows you to take this data and make cycle predictions that get more accurate the more you use it, allowing you to log additional information as you go along. Android users will also be able to send these quick replies on third-party apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

Android's quick responses include things like "yes", "no", and "can't talk now, will reply later" that can be used to respond to texts or messages.

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Fitbit is trying hard to be successful in the smartwatch market and the first step towards that goal is the improvement of its software platform. Fitbit has explicitly said that it wants to attract more women to wearables.

If you're a Versa or Ionic user, you can also check to see how many days until your next period and fertility window from your wrist by swiping up from the watch face.

These new apps are available on all Fitbit platforms.

Dexcom is among the companies offering a Fitbit smartwatch app to improve diabetes management relaying blood glucose data from Dexcom's devices to the watches to sit alongside activity data. In addition to logging your cycle in the app, the Versa and Ionic will also display cycle information and alerts on the watch interface.

Update to the latest version of the Fitbit app (iOS and Android) to check out the new features. Users will have access to apps like Walgreens which allows you to access the closest Walgreens pharmacy when you need to pick up a prescription, or Sickweather which is an app that scans social networks for illness around your area. There will also be groups in Fitbit's Community service for women to connect over.