Amazon's big bet for the future: Your moving robot butler

Amazon's big bet for the future: Your moving robot butler

According to sources close to the project, it's being developed by Lab126, the Amazon hardware R&D center that previously built the Kindle, Fire Phone, and Echo. The program is reportedly codenamed "Vesta", who in the Roman religion is the virgin goddess of the hearth, home, and family. As per the report, Amazon is now looking for profiles like "Software Engineer, Robotics" and "Principle Sensors Engineer" for the project. A Fortune report this week revealed that Amazon is upping the ante on its Echo devices potentially accelerating plans to bring full-fledged mobile robots into its customers' homes. Test check whether the device will be held in the homes of employees of the company.

Amazon is designing box-shaped robot "postmen" that can open smartlocks on doors and deliver items while the you are out of the house.

That's a pretty limited history with robots, at least publicly. A recent hiring spree indicates that Amazon is secretly working on a domestic robot for everyday consumers.

The Vesta robot is believed to be a mobile robot that's powered by Alexa. Prototypes of the Vesta reportedly come equipped with advanced cameras and vision software that let them navigate through homes. But the robot's functions are still unknown.

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An Amazon spokesperson said the company doesn't comment on "rumors and speculation".

Other tech firms like iRobot, LG and SoftBank have released consumer-facing robots, but many of them have failed to take off.

Now what seems to be a digital revolution of sorts, Amazon is introducing another revolution which the robots for home revolution. Sony demonstrated a new version of a robotic dog called Aibo, which it sold a version of until the mid-2000s after first unveiling the concept about 20 years ago. It's much easier to design a robot that moves around a factory floor, he said, than it is to design one that can sidestep an ever-changing landscape of dirty clothes piles and children's toys. It even has artificial intelligence that enables it to build up a character through its different interactions with people. AndNowUKnow will continue to report with more on the future of our industry.