House speaker Paul Ryan reportedly says he won't seek re-election

House speaker Paul Ryan reportedly says he won't seek re-election

The Lake Geneva Republican was among a handful of Republicans who were being discussed as possible candidates after Ryan announced Wednesday, April 11, 2018 that he would retire from Congress after his current term. We made our decision a different way this year.

Casey notes that numerous Republicans choosing to leave Washington right now are more moderate on the political spectrum.

Speaker Paul Ryan suggested his House GOP colleagues would be foolish to oust him from his leadership post before the November elections because ... he is such a prodigious fundraiser.

A self-styled budget expert, Ryan had made the tax cuts Congress delivered past year a centerpiece of his small-government agenda and a personal cause, even though they helped skyrocket projected annual deficits toward $1 trillion.

"This morning Speaker Ryan shared with his colleagues that this will be his previous year as a member of the House", Brendan Buck said.

Finally, and potentially most importantly, leaving the House of Representatives is a necessary step if Ryan hopes to launch a bid for the presidency in 2020, or more likely 2024. Associates doubt he would challenge Trump in 2020.

"Paul Ryan is an institution here in Janesville and also in the 1st Congressional District".

The Republicans' golden boy, Paul Ryan, is no more. Ryan has been "a steady force in contrast to the president's more mercurial tone", said Rep. Mark Sanford of SC. From ushering the largest tax overhaul in recent memory through the House, to chairing the House Budget Committee for four years, Ryan's record speaks for itself.

Ryan failed to distance himself enough from Trump's barrage of racist, ignorant and belligerent public statements to assuage Democrats' misgivings in Congress, while also failing to align himself enough with the president to secure support from more radical Republicans.

In 2012, he became GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney's running mate.

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But it appears the 48-year old Ryan, who was effectively drafted to be speaker following the announcement that Republican John A. Boehner of OH would be stepping aside, will last a little less than three years in the job that he assumed October 29, 2015. He has had more trust with the hardliners in the House.

Ryan said in mid-December that Congress is "going to have to get back at entitlement reform" in 2018. "His ability to bridge the vast divide".

But, the Scalise of Louisiana has signaled he won'in the event the speakership is sought by the California lawmaker t dare McCarthy.

Despite Ryan's sometimes uneasy relationship with Trump, the speaker and White House worked together to push the conservative agenda. Trumpism is ascendant in Washington, but is a permanent Republican shift away from conservative orthodoxy and the establishment underway - or is the party makeover temporary?

"Leadership has never been on my bucket list, and it's not on my bucket list today", he said.

Ryan's announcement came as Republicans are bracing for a potential blue wave of voter enthusiasm for Democrats, who need to flip at least 24 GOP-held seats in November to regain the majority. "It's hard to imagine a next Congressman", said Andrew Iverson, Chairman of the Republican Party of Rock County.

But a top GOP fundraiser, Eric Tanenblatt, expects Ryan to remain a force in a tough cycle. "This is going to make every Republican donor believe the House can't be held".

Ryan cultivated a false image as a hero to average Americans when in fact he serves the interest of the powerful and the wealthy.

In Wisconsin, Republicans had no obvious successor in waiting.

Shortly before Ryan met with reporters, President Trump said on Twitter the outgoing speaker would leave a "legacy of achievement".