Google to launch a redesigned version of Gmail

Google to launch a redesigned version of Gmail

Apparently, while Google's self-expiring emails aren't encrypted, users will have the option of confirming the recipient's identity by entering a person's phone number and sending a passcode in a text message.

Google has released a search app created to take account of the prevalence of lower-end devices and slower connections across much of Africa and which allows consumers to use local languages.

The redesigned Gmail for web users will be available in the coming weeks.

With the redesign, it's not clear whether Inbox will have much of a reason to stick around, but given the majority of Gmail users use the standard Web interface, it's probably a change for the better.

And before the new Gmail design comes live, G Suite administrators will have a new toy to offer their Google Sheets users.

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"We're working on some major updates to Gmail (they're still in draft phase)", says a Google spokesperson. It seems that not only the design will change as Gmail is set to bring in a very important surprising new feature which was added by Google, and it was discovered shortly before the official release.

Google last overhauled Gmail's web look in 2011, opting for a more spaced-out, cleaner look as part of an effort to unify the way its products appear on desktop and mobile. It also adds a new snooze feature that lets you hide emails for a period of time, so you can reply to the email once you're ready to. The Verge has obtained screenshots of the new Gmail design, now being tested inside Google and with trusted partners.

Google is set to host its annual developers conference on May 8 which is when it often unveils new software and services. This gives you the ability to remove an email from your inbox until a later, more relevant date.

When reading an email, users will notice several design tweaks. As the original, official smartphones that were manufactured and sold under the Google umbrella, the handsets generated a fair bit of buzz when they were announced and when they hit the market.