Erdoğan calls US-led strikes on Syria 'appropriate'

Erdoğan calls US-led strikes on Syria 'appropriate'

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan talked on the phone to his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin about Syria, agreeing to work to reduce tension and continue efforts for a political solution, Erdogan's office said on Saturday.

On Friday night, the U.S. President Donald Trump announced that the U.S., the United Kingdom and France jointly launched strikes targeting the Assad regime's alleged chemical weapons capabilities after a suspected chemical attack killed dozens outside of Damascus.

"Turkey was informed ahead of the attack", he wrote on Twitter.

Erdogan told May that the only way to long-lasting peace in Syria was a "political solution", the source added.

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The Turkish Foreign Ministry has commented on the operation launched by the US, UK and France against the Syrian regime.

The strikes came after the Assad regime was accused of carrying out a chemical attack in Syria's Douma, which killed 78 civilians and injured hundreds of others.

Government spokesman and Deputy Prime Minister Bekir Bozdağ said the US did not use the Incirlik air base located in southern Adana province in the attacks.

Calling on the worldwide community to unite in order to prevent any such chemical attacks in the future, he said: "Efforts to only destroy chemical weapons will not be enough to end the instability in the region. Turkey believes that such crimes should not go unpunished and punishment of criminals is crucial in preventing the recurrence of similar incidents", the statement said. In recent months however it has closely worked with Russian Federation for a political solution in Syria even though Moscow remains a chief ally of the regime.