Cosby arrives as he's set to face chief accuser

Cosby arrives as he's set to face chief accuser

Editor's note: This story contains a graphic description of alleged sexual assault.

Armed with a couple key rulings that could help the defense, Tom Mesereau told jurors that Andrea Constand is a "con artist" who framed his client because she was after "money, money and lots more money". He put a pillow under her head and said, "Just relax there". "He was a married man".

She told jurors she was immobilized and unable to speak after Cosby gave her a blue pill and two shots of amaretto.

Six feet tall, wiry and with a mane of curly hair, Constand spoke stiffly at first but warmed considerably when asked about her interests, in the fields of natural medicine and homeopathy.

"I didn't want it to happen to anybody else, what had happened to me", she said.

The women, Wyatt said, traded in "poetic licensing, better known as alternative facts", and were pawns in an "Ocean's 11-style script" cooked up by lawyers Gloria Allred and her daughter Lisa Bloom, "to extort Mr Cosby for 100 million dollars".

"I could not fight him off", she testified.

One night in January 2004, she testified she had resolved to quit her job at Temple to pursue massage therapy. If Constand wasn't interested in Cosby's advances, Mesereau said, "Why do you keep going back and back and back and back?"

Constand outlined her scheme to a Temple colleague, Marguerite Jackson, Mesereau said.

Bill Cosby's lawyers are trying to undermine his chief accuser's credibility by questioning why she promoted an alleged pyramid scheme. The next thing she remembers is coming to, feeling Cosby behind her, and his fingers inside her vagina. I didn't feel right.

After a failed attempt to confront the entertainer a couple of months later, Constand said she moved back to Ontario, Canada, where she grew up. They chose to call the police. In her testimony CNN reports she said, "I wanted to hit him, I wanted to punch him in the face".

During her testimony, Cosby sat hunched over at the end of the defense table.

When Kristen Feden, a prosecutor for the DA's Office asked, "Ms. Constand, why are you here?" she responded, "For justice".

Los Angeles defense lawyer Thomas Mesereau assailed Constand in his opening address as a conniving liar, con artist, and "so-called victim" who was out for money.

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Under cross examination Wednesday, Thomas rejected a defense lawyer's insinuation that she would do anything to help Constand. The defence plans to call Jackson as a witness and says she will testify that Constand mused about framing a celebrity before she lodged sexual abuse allegations against Cosby in 2005.

Copyright 2018 WHYY. To see more, visit WHYY. Cosby then got on top her, she testified. His first trial past year ended in a hung jury.

Cosby, who is 80 and legally blind, hung his head as Constand testified and gave no visible reaction.

Laura Benshoff from member station WHYY is at the courthouse outside Philadelphia, and she joins us now.

Constand is expected to retake the stand Monday when court resumes.

"No. I wanted it to stop", Constand explained. "I had to kind of get myself together. and started walking toward the door". Prominent men in the Hollywood, the media, politics and other walks of life have fallen in a wave of accusations about sexual harassment and assault.

The former Temple University women's basketball executive says Cosby drugged and molested her in 2004, when he was a powerful trustee at the school. And they met at a basketball game.

And she was looking for some career advice at the time. And in response, he offered her three blue pills saying, these are your friends.

"It says possible intercourse, but you didn't tell them that?"

Constand also gave Cosby's phone number to her mother, she testified. And she was unable to move. She never told her agent or her parents about the alleged assault.

Prosecutors are lining up the additional accusers to make the case that Cosby, once revered as "America's Dad", was a big Hollywood predator who is only now facing a reckoning after allegedly violating Constand at his suburban Philadelphia home in 2004. Some were aspiring models or food service workers. He predicted that, when the jury hears Constand's testimony in full, they will ultimately find Cosby not guilty of these crimes.

The defense lawyer went on to present a raft of other criticisms of Constand. And they all say, no, they could not and did not consent.

Constand's allegation is the only one among dozens against Cosby that has led to criminal charges. She and Cosby had a romantic relationship. And there is a new piece of evidence that they are going to bring into that. He settled the case for $3.4 million. More than 50 women have come forward to accuse Cosby, all before the explosion of #MeToo.