Fortnite Port-A-Fort in action Video Clip

Fortnite Port-A-Fort in action Video Clip

The new 3.5 Patch also adds new weapons, new items, new characters, and this brand new replay feature.

A post on the Battle Royale subreddit shows streamer Jason Ruchelski exhibiting the technique in the game's v3.5 update (you can see a relevant video below).

There is no official fixed date for the LTM's release, but since the current LTM, High Explosives, is ending today, we can safely assume it is due to launch next week or so, and players can't wait. We don't know yet about the phenomenal prizes which the team has mentioned above but we hope it will be in-game content and the competitions will be decided by the community.

Adjust cinematic camera settings such as exposure, aperture, focal length, and focal distance. Most notable among those changes is the fact that there will be two battle buses, the means through which players drop from the sky and into the map, instead of just one.

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3 different follow modes; Off, Auto, Lazy.

Drone style camera that is loosely attached to the selected player. The latest patch also opens the door to a new 50v50 Limited Time Mode, four new "Cyberpunk Heroes" and a bunch of neon-infused weapons in Save the World, login queue improvements, and changes to V-Bucks that will make them shared between PC, Xbox One, and mobile platforms.

V3.5 also adds the Port-a-Fort item, which is basically a grenade that, when activated, creates an instant defensive fortress which can be used to get a height and positioning advantage on players around you.