Hacked YouTube Music Videos Restored

Hacked YouTube Music Videos Restored

The video itself was knocked offline and its cover image was replaced by an image of several people in masks and orange boiler suits wielding guns, taken from the Spanish TV show Money Heist.

Vevo houses artists like Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, Eminem, Drake, Katy Perry and more. All of the hacked videos were uploaded from artist Vevo accounts.

The videos were taken down for a short period of time before returning to the platform. The video-hosting site says it's still recovering from the hack and investigating its source.

When you tried clicking on the thumbnail, the video was unavailable.

A Twitter account allegedly belonging to one of the hackers posted "It's just for fun, I just use [the] script "youtube-change-title-video" and I write "hacked" and "Don't judge me I love YouTube".

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"After seeing unusual upload activity on a handful of VEVO channels, we worked quickly with our partner to disable access while they investigate the issue", YouTube spokesperson Nicole Bell said in an emailed statement.

"The hackers, calling themselves Prosox and Kuroi'sh, had written "Free Palestine" underneath the videos", stated the BBC.

Vevo released a comment to The Verge on the hack, saying, "Vevo can confirm that a number of videos in its catalogue were subject to a security breach today, which has now been contained", says a Vevo spokesperson.

"So, either this hacker has found a way around that need for authorisation, or they are being economical with the facts, or they obtained the permissions in some other way". At this time, it appears that all of the affected videos have been restored.

According to the Independent, a hacker identifying as Kuroi'sh hacked into Twitter accounts run by news organizations last week.