Google Assistant takes big step forward with support for custom commands

Google Assistant takes big step forward with support for custom commands

However, until now they've been limited by needing to make their devices work with Google's pre-defined voice commands such as "on", "off", and temperature settings, which can be very limiting.

Not really the showiest of SXSW announcements, but Google's got a nice little update for developers looking to differentiate Assistant integration on a product level. So, they are now planning to give companies the right to develop their own products with a built-in Google Assistant that can support custom Google Voice commands according to their requirements and needs.

An abundance of user actions can be found in Google's latest updates to "What it can do". Yes, the consumers now be able to explore mode media from their Android smartphones and smart speakers by giving a proper command to the Google Assistant.

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Google goes a step further, demonstrating Assistant's new abilities with a custom-built robotic arm that follows Google Assistant's instructions to sort socks, and even a custom beer ordering system built into a sofa. Furthermore, Actions will now support media playback on speakers and Android phones. For example, if a washer has a specific color cycle, you could activate that cycle simply by asking the Google Assistant. What's more, TV channels such as CNBC, Calm, The Daily Show and others will have new features for general show information and playback. So if you are from Developers side, you will be happy to get started with this new updated Google Assistant app.

Additionally, users can also use voice commands to pause or replay media. For example, you can be notified of a stock price change or news alert as it happens. This update comes almost two weeks after Google announced that by the end of 2018, Google Assistant will be able to understand and speak 30 languages, thus covering almost 95 percent of Android users.