Amazon's personal assistant AI freaking out users with creepy random laughing

Amazon's personal assistant AI freaking out users with creepy random laughing

Users have taken to social media to report Alexa suddenly and unexpectedly uttering a "very loud and creepy laugh", without being woken with a command. Yikes. In a statement released yesterday, however, the company said it'll be disabling the short phrase "Alexa, laugh", that may have been mistakenly heard by the device.

"We are changing that phrase to be 'Alexa, can you laugh?' which is less likely to have false positives", an Amazon spokesperson told AFP.

Alexa is the digital assistant that makes the Amazon Echo line tick, but recently, it has also been terrifying some owners of the smart speakers.

Now, while listening to Amazon Music, users can ask Alexa to play music even if they can't remember the name of the song (via The Verge).

So far, we don't believe anyone has gotten rid of their Alexa-enabled devices as a result.

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Alexa is Amazon's voice assistant platform. Audio recordings collected by an Alexa device have already been used as evidence in a murder case. It can also sometimes happen when you're in the middle of a "conversation" or activity with Alexa, which is still pretty creepy.

No, it's not the plot for a new scary movie-it's just your Alexa. "We had the dot laugh several times and it wasn't the laugh Alexa produces, but definitely sounded like a canned laugh, not like someone laughing live".

According to an Amazon spokesperson, several customers have been complaining about their Amazon Alexa laughing like insane even though nobody uttered a word in front of over.

"We're aware of this and working to fix it", an Amazon representative said.