Tiger Brands recalls products, share price takes a knock

Tiger Brands recalls products, share price takes a knock

The findings on the source of the Listeria outbreak by the Minister of Health on Sunday March 4 are specific to products manufactured in Polokwane (Limpopo). It can contaminate a wide variety of food types, including meat and meat products, dairy products (unpasteurised and pasteurised), fresh and frozen produce (fruits, vegetables and sprouts) and ready-to-eat products.

Polony products at a Free State Rainbow Food Solutions (RCL) facility have also been linked to the listeria bacterium.

"This is on the grounds that Listeria on the outside packaging (bundling) of polony can be exchanged to different products it comes into contact with, including viennas, russians, hotdogs, different wieners, and other "cool meat" products that are ordinarily not cooked before eating".

The National Consumer Commission will now work with manufacturers to ensure no affected products are sold, Motsoaledi said.

Consumers who have Rainbow Chicken polony‚ Enterprise ready-to-eat meat products such as polony and Russians should decontaminate their fridge with diluted bleach.

The retailer said all fridges and food preparation areas in our stores would be re-cleaned to prevent any cross-contamination. "Recalled meat is being isolated and will be safely destroyed", Pick n Pay, which has 1,420 stores in South Africa, said in a statement.

"Our health department is not in a crisis, outbreaks of Listeriosis happen all over. Wait and see the outcomes. there are many departments involved; trade and industry, agriculture, municipality and health and national consumer council", he said.

Of great concern at the time was that of the hundreds of laboratory confirmed listeriosis cases, less than a quarter could be traced. It can take up to 70 days after exposure for listeriosis symptoms to develop.

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In 2017, 557 cases were reported across all nine provinces, with 62 percent from Gauteng. Another said that there were no posters or signs around the facility except those urging patrons to wash their hands.

Educational awareness campaigns are well under way and any suspected products are being recalled.

Results were confirmed on Saturday night‚ a month later.

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Those at high risk of developing severe disease include newborns, the elderly, pregnant women, persons with weak immunity such as HIV, Diabetes, Cancer, Chronic liver or Kidney disease.

Products including locally popular polony sausages, also known as baloney, made at the Enterprise plant would be subject to immediate safety recalls, he added.

Visit the Department of Health website for more information on food-borne disease.