Nest's smart-home products will no longer be sold on Amazon

Nest's smart-home products will no longer be sold on Amazon

Amazon, in a conference call late past year, told Nest that it would not be listing any of Nest's new products, including smart thermostat and home security products, among others, on its website, the Business Insider reported. The decision from Amazon's retail team was reportedly relayed through a conference call late a year ago and they were informed that the decision came from the top (and we assume it's CEO Jeff Bezos they were pertaining to). Unfortunately, this doesn't seem to be the case as Amazon has now announced that it will stop selling Google-owned Nest smart home products as its spat spills out into 2018. Nest employees who were on the call ended the discussion under the impression that the decision had come from Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, although Amazon's retail team didn't explicitly say that at any point, according to a person familiar with the call.

Amazon reintroducing Google's Chromecast onto its market seemed like it was set to mark the end of the very public feud between the two throughout 2017. The company is keen on further expanding into the smart homes sector, particularly with its Echo range of products that come integrated with Alexa, its voice assistant.

As a result of Amazon's decision, Nest chose to stop selling any of its products through Amazon, meaning the limited number of Nest devices listed on Amazon today are expected to disappear from the site once current inventory is sold out, according to a person familiar with the matter.

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It is unclear what the extent of the embargo on Nest products is - for example, Amazon has not clarified if third-party sellers selling Nest products through Amazon Marketplace will have to pull their product offerings as well.

Both Nest and Amazon has declined to comment, the report said. And Amazon is also probably looking at creating products that may rival that of Nest, as they have recently acquired Ring, a maker of home security devices. It previously wouldn't sell Google Home speakers or the Pixel phone.