Hugo Lloris: 'Mauricio Pochettino partnership is great'

Hugo Lloris: 'Mauricio Pochettino partnership is great'

Mauricio Pochettino and Hugo Lloris have enjoyed a strong bond ever since the first day they met at Tottenham Hotspur, and the Argentine's captain says the relationship the two share is the closest he has ever had with a manager.

The finer details of the proposal have yet to be sorted out but Pochettino said organisers would have a tough task on their hands. I think the chairman picked the best person to get the potential out of this club with Mauricio.

"Because football means joy, happiness and I want to enjoy doing my job and enjoy helping people to achieve their dream and it can not be a drama. To keep the same dynamic is so important", he said. Now I think for our fans and us, it's like our home.

"Now, I don't know if I will be longer like Roy (Hodgson) or (Sir Alex) Ferguson or Wenger or maybe I will stop before".

"When I watch football and all the problems and the manager always criticises everyone and tries to defend himself and fighting with you and fighting with the fans". I'm going to prove, I'm going to try to enjoy doing my job, but if I'm going to suffer or create a drama in my life, then I prefer to go away outside the game.

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Clubs in Spain, Germany, Italy and France have breaks in December and January, but English domestic competitions are spread out so there is no lull in action from the start of the season to the finish, reported Reuters.

As a result, the proposed change would also require alterations to the FA Cup schedule, with media reports suggesting that the current idea would only work if FA Cup fifth round fixtures were played mid-week and without any replays.

"There are still ten games to the end, we need to be consistent to be in the top four at the end of the season, but there's a lot of work to do". "It's a different process and sometimes it's longer, depending on the injury", he said.

"For example, in 2016 when the Bundesliga had a break, we had 10 games in that time".