GoFundMe created for 19-year-old Lizette Cuesta fatally stabbed by friends

GoFundMe created for 19-year-old Lizette Cuesta fatally stabbed by friends

Cuesta crawled about 100 yards up to a road in Livermore, where she was found around 2 two good Samaritans from Modesto who were on their way to work.

She was airlifted to Eden Hospital Trauma in Castro Valley but died within hours.

Melissa Leonardo, 25, and Daniel Gross, 19, are now both being held on murder charges. Ray Kelly told the San Francisco Chronicle. He credited Cuesta's statements to officers with moving the case forward so rapidly. "She was the nicest person", one tells FOX40.

Kelly said he can recall only a handful of times that his agency has been able to get a "dying declaration" from a victim. He last saw her on Sunday.

Officers could tell how far she dragged herself because of the blood trail she left behind, the Post reported. He told Fox 40 in Sacramento that there was so much blood that he couldn't tell what color the girl's hair was. "You're going to sit up, you're not laying down, and you're doing to be alright'". "Anything else was gonna be painful".

The area is so remote that the UPS workers had to send other people who had gathered at the scene to an area where there was better cellphone reception to call police. "I mean, I know she passed away but when they did this to her they figured, you know, they got away with it".

"I'm proud of her", Ray said.

"She fought like a soldier".

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Roberto Cuesta, the victim's uncle, said, "I hope those people pay for that, it's just who would do that?"

Family and friends gathered and tears flowed as loved ones held candles to honor the life Cuesta.

Her father, Ray Cuesta, said, "She brought peace to herself and she brought peace to me..." A neighbor in Modesto told ABC7 News that Leonardo is pregnant. A man who says he considers Leonardo his sister says she collects knives but would never hurt anyone. "If she wanted that trick bad enough she would get it".

He said the confrontation happened outside somewhere in Livermore after he and Cuesta had had sex in the back of Leonardo's vehicle as Leonardo drove. She attended San Jose City College, according to her Facebook page.

The motive for the attack was not clear.

"She said she felt she was going to die", he said.

"I'd rather not get into that", he said several times during the interview. But as they tried to save her, investigators asked her questions.