Prince Tribute Highlight's Justin Timberlake Super Bowl Halftime Show (Week in Review)

Prince Tribute Highlight's Justin Timberlake Super Bowl Halftime Show (Week in Review)

The 13-year-old also described to Ellen how he was able to get the selfie seen around the world by elbowing people. The performance video then cut to Ryan and, as we all saw, the moment was immortalized forever.

Sunday River Ski Resort in ME tell The Blast they're giving 13-year-old Ryan McKenna and his family unrestricted season passes to the mountain for the rest of this year and the next after he wore one of their sweatshirts when he took the selfie with JT. Was Ryan googling the lyrics to the song? A meme-wave crashed down on Twitter during the second half of the Super Bowl, possibly overshadowing the rest of the game itself.

After being the subject of multiple GIFS and memes, Selfie Kid was formally introduced by Ellen DeGeneres to her audience. That changed (sort of) when McKenna dropped by Ellen today and, to his surprise, reconnected with Timberlake over the phone (presumably, he was too busy promoting Man Of The Woods to visit in person).

In an episode that will air in the Boston area on Friday at 3 p.m. on WCVB, McKenna revealed how emotional he was when his dad told him they were going to the Super Bowl two weeks before the game.

"I have the iPhone 6, and that thing's just slow, and it shut off, so that's when all the memes formed", he said.

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"It's nice to meet you finally", he told McKenna on the phone.

Ellen then put on a surprise guest: Timberlake himself, on the pone!

"Ryan, I look forward to meeting you, and our second selfie together".

Ryan instantly broke out into tears. There's only one thing I'm left wondering: Timberlake and the National Football League gave Ryan stuff, but what about letting him upgrade from that iPhone 6, hmmmmm?

Not only that, Ellen handed Ryan and his family a prize package from the National Football League with more tickets and more VIP access. What's the word, Apple?