YouTube Just Suspended Advertising On Logan Paul's Channel

YouTube Just Suspended Advertising On Logan Paul's Channel

The latest development? On Friday (February 9), YouTube announced that they have have temporarily removed all advertising from Paul's channel, which now boasts 16.6 million subscribers.

According to YouTube's advertiser policy guidelines, "serious or repeated" violations of its policies can cause ads to be disabled on a user's channels or the user can be suspended from the YouTube Partner Program.

Logan Paul can't stay out of headlines, and not for the right reasons.

In this highly-contested video, Paul can be seen using tasers on dead rats, while also removing a koi fish from a pond and placing it on the ground as an act of animal torture.

YouTube, which is owned by Google, said Paul intentionally tried to monetize the video of him tasering the rats, which violates its advertiser-friendly rules. Paul went silent for a few weeks and returned with a video pledging a $1 million United States dollars to suicide prevention.

The announcement that Paul's ability to place advertising on his channel had been removed came via the YouTube Creators Twitter account.

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Casey Neistat has over eight million subscribers on YouTube and burst into the limelight when he started uploading daily vlogs in 2015.

CONTROVERSIAL YouTube star Logan Paul has had his main revenue stream cut off after ads were blocked on his channel citing "unsuitable" and "damaging" content. After throwing the rats in a bin outside, Paul fires his stun gun into the bin, saying: "I hate rats". Crucify me, vilify me, and I can promise you one thing, guys. "And I can, will and am going to learn from it and be a better person".

Paul made numerous apologies and said he was "taking time to reflect".

As always, people like Logan Paul (literally). get away with murder.

YouTube didn't give any further explanation, or point to any particularly offending footage. After all, given that YouTube's automated ad barriers have unfairly hit channels with ad bans for doing nothing at all, this hardly seems like much of a extra punishment in comparison to the simple day-to-day running of smaller channels.