Nintendo will convert Gold Points into Switch game discounts

Nintendo will convert Gold Points into Switch game discounts

In just a few short weeks, you'll have another use for those gold points, as Nintendo will be opening up the option to spend gold points for games, DLC, or other digital content for your favorite Switch games. Users can take the gold points they've accumulated via the purchasing of eligible software - either on the Switch eShop or physically with a retail copy - and turn that into monetary value to spend on digital games thereafter.

Points can be renewed on Switch, Wii U and 3DS so long as your Nintendo account is linked to the console.

"My Nintendo members already earn Gold Points by buying qualifying games", the company wrote in its announcement. From there, 5 percent of the total amount used to purchase the game is turned into Gold Points, which the player can use on new games.

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My Nintendo also offers Platinum Points, which can be earned and spent within games on in-game items and rewards.

It will be possible to pay for Switch games with My Nintendo Gold Points starting early this March, in Europe, Japan, and North America. They're valid for a year, expiring at the end of a given month, which means that you'll only have a small window of opportunity to turn the points earned from the Switch's launch back into cash. "We are impressed with the growth, we're impressed with the units that have been sold into the market so far, so we're very sanguine at this point, but we've nothing more to announce specifically at this point".