Google Photos introduces new features for Valentine's Day

Google Photos introduces new features for Valentine's Day

In celebration of Love Day on February 14, Google has spiced up the Photos app and allowed users to create themed movies and make Valentine's Day truly special. Now users on Google Photos app and on the web can make their own videos using their pictures.

The same type of functionality appears to be getting a test in Google Photos as sources have reported getting notifications that an item in Google Photos has been shared with them from another user.

Initially, there are nine themes from which you can pick your favourite one. Other themed movie options include things like "Father's Day Movie", "In Loving Memory", "Selfie Movie", "Smiles of 2017", "Doggie Movie", "Meow Movie", "Mother's Day Movie", and more. Google will soon start an early access program for the users who want to use and explore this feature. The best part about it is that you don't need a third-party app or even any experience with Premiere Pro to create a movie starring you and your significant other. You can create a themed movie by going to the Assistant tab and then tapping the Movie option. "And in honor of Cupid, we even have a Valentine's Day-themed movie for you and your sweetheart", said Winn. This means you won't get any professional special visual effects or a mesmerising transition - as you can watch in this sample video.

Google has also promised to release more themes throughout the year.

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Nevertheless, Google Photos on Android and iOS include basic editing controls that you can use to adjust the clip timings or change the soundtrack in the background.

Those living in United States or Canada are more fortunate as they are able to make a photo-book on the app and order one for their loved ones in time for Valentine's Day on February 14.

Fun tip: Search your gallery for "hug", "kiss", or kissing smiley to find photos that'll make you go aww.