Google is working on a console and game streaming service

Google is working on a console and game streaming service

Google is now in the process of building a subscription-based video game streaming service that could work on Chromecast or a separate console, according to a report from The Information.

Sources tell The Information that an early version of the service was built for the Chromecast media streaming device, but that Google has since begun exploring the idea of building its own home console and controller. Now, the tech giant may have its sights on a streaming service for playing games too, according to a report from The Information.

Given how it's already possible to use Chromecast to stream Android games to a TV, it's also possible Google has grander visions with higher-end gaming experiences. For now, ruling the game streaming market is Sony's PlayStation Now or PS Now. I'd certainly hope it turns out being the latter of those two scenarios, but it remains to be seen what happens. Let's Plays and reviews by major stars on the platform make it the go-to service for a lot of video game enthusiasts. Cloud-based service will run the game on Google's server instantly and it will transfer the data to your console later on. Before Yeti, there have been "multiple projects" within Google like an Android-based gaming console that have failed due to waning support from senior executives. The Pixel smartphones and Google Home smart speakers are a testimony to Google's new-found love for hardware.

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There were some sources which had claimed that Google will bring the streaming service in the a year ago 2017. So a full launch for the service may be in store for the near future.

"An early iteration of Yeti was created to work with the Chromecast TV streaming stick, according to a person familiar with the project and another person who was briefed about it".

The move wouldn't be the first time Google has expressed interest in the gaming business. Google has also been hiring Microsoft and Sony gaming veterans and this speaks volumes about their intention to make a mark in the gaming industry.