Snow from monster storm starts falling in New England

Snow from monster storm starts falling in New England

Bundle up! Brutal winter weather - with strong winds, snow and subzero temperatures - has hit much of the eastern USA and is expected to continue through the weekend.

The wintry weather has been blamed for at least 17 deaths in the past few days, including three in North Carolina traffic accidents and three in Texas because of the cold.

As the storm travels north, snow will develop along the Mid-Atlantic coast and in the Northeast, with possible blizzard conditions in the New England region.

Charleston International Airport, which shares runways with Joint Base Charleston, also closed Wednesday.

Temperatures were so low in northern NY that Niagara Falls - the giant waterfalls straddling the US-Canadian border - froze.

In northern New England, temperatures will be below zero this weekend.

Weather forecasters dubbed the event a "bomb cyclone", their nickname for a phenomenon known as "bombogenesis", in which a weather system experiences a sharp drop in atmospheric pressure and intensifies rapidly, unleashing hurricane-force winds. But once the storm is gone, it will still leave high winds and cold temperatures in its wake. About 30,000 customers in Virginia and North Carolina were deprived of electricity, according to CNN.

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They include the Delmarva Peninsula, which includes parts of Delaware, Virginia and Maryland; coastal New Jersey; eastern Long Island, New York; and coastal eastern New England. Also known as the "Storm of the Century", that massive weather system brought huge snowfall totals, high winds and coastal flooding to the Eastern part of the United States. The US State Department of Defense said in a statement that 200 National Guard members have been deployed in NY state alone to help people in distress.

The National Guard deployed about 500 personnel along the coast, according to a statement.

The southeast was the first to feel the storm's icy lash, when Florida on Wednesday saw its first snow in almost three decades. Since some of those incidents were due to icy roads, drivers were urged to stay away from coastal areas.

As snow and strong winds start to hit the northeast, much of its citizens are barring down and preparing for possibly being stuck inside. The U.S. National Weather Service measured wind gusts of more than 70 miles per hour (113 kph), which downed power lines.

"Anticipate travel and economic impacts today and tonight with accumulating snow and white-out conditions".

Power outages affected tens of thousands in the South.

Airlines canceled more than 570 flights in the US on Wednesday and a whopping more than 2,500 flights for Thursday, according to flight tracking website FlightAware. Not much snow is expected to fall west of Philadelphia or New York City, Miller said. While you can tap the tiny The Weather Channel icon in the bottom left corner to see current local warnings, other apps are more useful. Airports in the D.C. region, which has been less affected by the winter storm, are accommodating flights unable to land at worldwide gateways in NY and Philadelphia. Snow fell as far south as Florida on Wednesday.