Crown Jewels Hidden From Nazis in a Cookie Tin

Crown Jewels Hidden From Nazis in a Cookie Tin

From the looks of things, the Suits actress will feel right at home marrying her prince - at least if the snap is any indication.

Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in pictures Fri, January 12, 2018 Photographs from the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II which took place on June 2 1953. Elizabeth wore two crowns for the occasion: the St Edward's Crown, which she has never worn since, and the diamond-encrusted Imperial State Crown which she wears at formal occasions such as the opening of parliament when she delivers a speech outlining the government's legislative plans.

Royal commentator Alastair Bruce told The Times newspaper that an "electric set of letters" from Owen Morshead, the royal librarian, to Queen Mary, King George VI's mother, shed light on the mystery.

"Fortunately, my father and I have about the same sort of shaped head", she said in a clip from the documentary. "Horrible", she said of the ride in the four-tonne carriage from Buckingham Palace to the abbey where English monarchs have been crowned since 1066. "But once you've put it on it stays, I mean it just remains itself", The Queen said in the BBC documentary. Because if you did, your neck would break.

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"It's not meant for travelling in at all". As it turns out, the bride-to-be has already tried one on for size, thanks to her reign as Homecoming Queen in high school.

In a rare conversation, she recalls her father, George VI, asking her to write down what she remembered of the day, describing the experience as "very valuable". Anxious that the weight of the elaborate jewels at the centrepiece of her crown would injure her neck, she quips: "So there are some disadvantages to crowns, but otherwise they're quite important things".

A newly-surfaced photo shows the now 36-year-old donning a dazzling crown way back in her teenage years, along with a flowy periwinkle gown and a thick french manicure (they were all the rage then).

During World War II, the royal family took recourse to extraordinary measures to protect the most precious diamonds at Windsor Castle, a new documentary revealed.