Turkey summons U.S. charge d'affaires over Syria: Turkish sources

Turkey summons U.S. charge d'affaires over Syria: Turkish sources

Ankara blames Gulen for an attempted coup 2016, but the cleric denies any involvement. US officials have said courts require sufficient evidence to extradite the elderly cleric, who has denied any involvement in the coup.

The sources did not give any further detail.

"Russia and Iran must stop the Syrian regime". The influential Sunni Muslim cleric fled Turkey for the 1999 and was subsequently granted permanent resident status.

Turkey protested the Syrian regime's advance into the rebel- stronghold on the grounds that regime troops are targeting moderate opposition in Idlib, arguing that the move undermined prospects of an upcoming meeting in Black Sea resort Sochi on January 29-30, where the regime and opposition groups will seek peaceful solution to the Syrian conflict.

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Ankara's ire isn't just centered on the United States.

The Turkish Foreign Ministry summoned the USA charge d'affaires to voice its displeasure over Washington's arming and training of the YPG Syrian Kurdish militia in Syria, the sources said.

He said Turkey could not be a means for the US' incoherent policies, and neither could it be a country that paid the price for inadequacy that the USA itself had demonstrated regarding developments in the region.

Last week, of Turkey's majority state-owned Halkbank of evading US sanctions on Iran, in a case which Erdogan has condemned as a "political coup attempt" and a joint effort by the CIA, FBI and Gulen's network to undermine Turkey. This is also the reason for Vladimir Putin's telephone conversation with Recep Tayyip Erdogan.