Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran join forces in new song End Game

Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran join forces in new song End Game

The leader of the Swifties dropped her latest music video for her single "End Game", featuring Ed Sheeran and rapper Future.

But our favourite part of the video sees Taylor take to the streets of London. She's so relatable, guyz.

Possibly the most iconic visual used in Taylor's return is the constant imagery of a snake, and "End Game" is no different.

So, now that you, just like us have seen the video countless times, have analyzed it and have loved how happy she looks, we can now enjoy the view with screen captures.

Taylor is the queen of not so subliminal subliminals, and goes out of her way to mention that she doesn't like drama, but drama likes her.

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Every Swiftie worth their salt knows the pop star's mythology like the back of one of her zines.

Taylor Swift has released the music video for "End Game". We'll just leave this gif of Taylor Swift winking at us right here and wait for more juicy fan theories from you guys.

Then responsibly fuels up on food before ending her night alone on a bridge on the Thames-but not before giving us a wink. As usual, a new taytay video = hidden messages.

"End Game; is already the third music video off of the album "Reputation". In one scene of the video, Swift, presumably in a Miami hotel hallway, rocks large dangling earrings that appear to feature silver snakes wrapped around black stones.