Mother of H&M Model Says "Get Over It" to Critics

Mother of H&M Model Says

The backlash over H&M's ad featuring a young black child wearing a "coolest monkey in the jungle" hoodie is still raging on- and now the boy's mother has spoken out about the controversial ad.

But - and this is a big but - in my own personal opinion I do not believe that H&M meant anything malicious in their production and use of the image. "Stop crying wolf all the time. unnecessary issue here".

"Am the mum and this is one of hundreds of outfits my son has modeled", she wrote according to The Daily Mail. "Since H&M is based out of Sweden, I know the Swedish aren't as touchy about these subjects, but that is bad, maybe they should have switched the hoodies".

H&M ultimately removed the image from the website and took the product out of rotation, promising to recycle the unsold garments. "Seriously, I was like 'coolest monkey is trending, what the heck, ' I understand why so many people are upset".

"Sorry", wrote Terry on her social media.

Be have reached out to Terry to verify her claims she is the little boy's mother. Just like we want to live in a world where it isn't a big deal to have a female U.S President or Doctor Who - we want to get to a point in society where none of these things influence anything anymore. And we ain't going for it!

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"Over the past months I was genuinely excited about launching my upcoming line and collaboration with H&M", the rapper wrote. "But there are many questions you can ask - how did they miss that?" he asked.

'We as African Americans will always have to break barriers, prove people wrong and work even harder to prove we belong but guess what, that's what we love because the benefits at the end of the road are so beautiful!'

"The collateral damage of this corporate, colonial mind-state occurs several times a year", he said on Instagram posting a picture of the H&M board of directors, "and it's predictable the world over, like the seasons, so when I laid eyes on it, my initial reaction was neither shock nor anger".

Not only did he post pictures showing the boy in a shirt that read "Coolest King In The World, he offered him an incredible deal".

Twitter user, Selene Arianela tweeted comparing the image to a white boy modeling a "survival expert" hoodie, which didn't seem to make matters any better for H&M.