Facebook Stickers, New Group Calling and Contacts Features

Facebook Stickers, New Group Calling and Contacts Features

This new feature is added to the WhatsApp Beta 2.18.4 version, which is now rolling out to users enrolled in WhatsApp Beta program.

The feature, if rolled out, will be compatible on smartphones with the Android 6.0 or higher versions.

First spotted by WABeta info, WhatsApp will soon give you the option to switch to video calls during voice calls. It's also worth mentioning that WhatsApp users can now also delete the voice message after they preview it. One of the ways would be to hang up and call again, this time using video call.

Facebook-owned WhatsApp has been working around the clock to add several new features to its platform. Whatsapp has given a button to switch to a video call during a voice call.

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WhatsApp has introduced a dedicated button to switch from video to voice call or vice versa. It can now be done by taping a single button in the in-call UI. With the introduction of new features on Instagram and WhatsApp, the company is directly competing with Snapchat and has managed to earn more users due to the sheer number of monthly active users.

To maximize privacy in this feature, the developers have ensured that just because you click on the button will not immediately activate the video call. It is not a great way to instantly switch to video when you choose to. The person on the other side will receive a notification and they can choose to accept or reject the request. If they decrease, the voice call will proceed as ordinary. This feature in mainly introduced to encourage the Whatsapp video calls. While features tested on beta mode do not necessarily make it to an official release, but can surely be looked forward to. The version is 2.17.443 and it bring a lot of new features to the table for users to try out before the update goes live.

WhatsApp has been adding new features to improve the user-experience of its social messenger service.