Two women die from flu virus in Tulare County

Two women die from flu virus in Tulare County

ODH also reports 1,750 new confirmed flu-associated hospitalizations in OH during the first week of January, a significant increase over 925 reported during the last week of December.

In Dallas County, 18 flu-related deaths have been reported this season, according to WFAA. During that season, influenza A H3N2 viruses dominated nationally.

"Getting a flu vaccine is the best way to protect you, family members, and others from the flu and help keep our community healthy", said Cumberland County Health Director Mindy Doyle.

Last year, 12 states had widespread cases, but this year there are 46.

Harding said the main reason for the rough flu season stems from the Centers for Disease Control missing the mark on the vaccine to combat the current strain.

You can get the flu shot at most pharmacies.

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If you experience flu-like symptoms, stay home 24-48 hours after symptoms resolve, unless you are seeking medical care. "Flu vaccination also can reduce the severity of illness if you do get sick".

"Bottom line is people should get vaccinated", he said.

As News 18 has previously reported, state health officials say the number of flu-related deaths in IN is now at 25. She said in order for the CDC to produce the correct vaccination, it must correctly predict what type of flu strain will be prevalent. In Dayton Children's emergency department last week, there were 220 positive tests for the flu, which was 30 percent of those tested. H3N2-dominant flu seasons are associated with more severe illness, especially among children and older adults. "Get out there and get your flu shot".

That's probably an underestimation of the true number because health care providers aren't required to report cases to the health department, and many people don't seek health care, Scherzer said.

When medical personnel give the flu vaccine to a patient, they inform them that they may feel soreness in their arm or general body aches and even a low-grade fever in response to it. Both are indicated by coughing and a runny nose, but the flu is separated by headaches, chills, a possible fever and extreme fatigue. But for certain serious viral infections - HIV and hepatitis C are good examples - highly effective antiviral drugs have revolutionized care, prevented suffering, and saved countless lives.