No, Mark Wahlberg Didn't Get Paid More Because He's a Man

No, Mark Wahlberg Didn't Get Paid More Because He's a Man

Williams had told USA TODAY earlier, "I said I'd be wherever they needed me, whenever they needed me".

At some point, though, you'd think that would stop. "Because all of them, everyone did it for nothing".

Scott said in subsequent interviews that returning cast appeared in the reshoots for free and only Plummer was paid.

With news of the pay gap now public, many actors and fans have come to Williams defense, including The Deuce's Dave Krumholtz.

On Tuesday, Frances Berwick, president of Lifestyle Networks at NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment, told television critics that there was a lot of misinformation about the "massive" pay disparity between Catt Sadler and co-host Jason Kennedy for their work on E! "But Michelle, no. Me, no", Scott said.

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This would contradict director Ridley Scott's remarks to USA Today in December that "everyone did it for nothing". Michelle and Mark are both represented by the same talent agency, WME, which also declined to comment to USA Today about the report. It's how much the film's co-stars were paid that is making headlines now. Scott told the newspaper then, "Everyone did it for nothing". In 2017, Wahlberg beat out Dwayne Johnson to become Hollywood's highest-paid actor, with income of $68 million, according to Forbes magazine. If Williams was paid at least scale for the reshoots, there's nothing SAG-AFTRA can do about it, and anything Wahlberg may have negotiated above scale is OK with the union.

Wahlberg's fee for the reshoots was reported in November by the Washington Post to be $2 million, while Williams reportedly received a comparatively more modest 6-figure payout. "And they could have my salary; they could have my holiday, whatever they wanted", she told USA Today.

Filmmaker Judd Apatow called the news "almost hard to believe", but added that he wondered "if the studio or Wahlberg will do something to make the situation less insane". The drama has grossed $20.2 million since its release two weeks ago.

The news comes after Hollywood stars wore black to the Golden Globes on Sunday to take a stand against sexual harassment and for gender equality as a part of the "Time's Up" initiative, of which Williams is a founding member.

The film "All the Money in the World" didn't live up to its title when it comes to paying actress Michelle Williams - an uncomfortable revelation at a time when Hollywood is still finding its footing with fair treatment of women, experts say.