Independent retailers welcome extension of carrier bag levy

Independent retailers welcome extension of carrier bag levy

Theresa May is expected to address the extension in a speech on the government's 25-year environment plan on Thursday. Now shops with fewer than 250 employees are exempt from the carrier bag charge.

After cabinet members were briefed on these plans at No.10 yesterday, the PM's official spokesperson said the Government had "a clear belief in conserving what is good and standing up against the profligate use of resources, whether that is public money or natural resources".

Mr Gove showed he was ready to practise what he preached, by turning up for the meeting clutching a reusable coffee mug.

The 5p plastic bag levy is to be extended as part of Government plans to tackle "throwaway culture" in a 25-year Environment Plan being published later this week.

A separate proposal to introduce plastic bottle deposit return schemes in supermarkets is not ready to be announced yet.

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The Government will set out its long-term plans for the environment later this week as Theresa May tries to reassert her party's green credentials. In addition, he is said to be considering plans to tackle disposable coffee cup waste, although it remains to be seen if he will embrace the Environmental Audit Committee's recent recommendation for a 25p "latte levy".

Since introducing the scheme the number of bags used has decreased by more than 80 percent in England.

Government sources have confirmed that it will consult on the extension 5p charge on single-use carrier bags, which has seen nearly a 90% fall in usage since its launch in 2015.

He will set out goals to emulate the success of the 5p plastic bag tax, which has led to a 90 per cent reduction in use.

Further proposals to standardise recycling practices across the United Kingdom and encourage manufacturers and retailers to streamline the number of different plastics they use are also expected.