Donald Trump warned of likely interview with Mueller on Russian interference

Donald Trump warned of likely interview with Mueller on Russian interference

That could lull him into a false sense of complacency during an interview with Mueller's team. (Well, of course I told Comey to lay off Mike Flynn!) No matter how prepared he is, Trump's impulsiveness and conviction he is his own best defender may lead him down perilous paths.

The question now becomes just how that interview will take place, or if it actually will. Trump's legal team is currently trying to determine whether Mueller wants to interview Trump himself, where the interview would take place, and what the duration and topics would be, NBC News reports.

Trump on Saturday said he had nothing to hide. Both options look very bad for the President, so his legal team wants to avoid that.

"The risk is that Trump would either incriminate himself, commit perjury, or lie - unless he truly has committed no offense and has nothing to fear from telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth", constitutional lawyer Laurence H. Tribe tells me. Dear God, they want to avoid that.

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"He's the president of the United States!" "Prosecutors are interested in a subject's responses to detailed lines of questioning without the opportunity to have lawyers carefully craft their client's answer". Post Opinion writer Quinta Jurecic lays out how Trump could get rid of special counsel Robert Mueller, and what would happen as a result.

At the point where Trump has to sit in a room for four hours (remember, Bill Clinton's deposition lasted about four grueling hours), it's GAME, SET, MATCH.

The Washington Post and NBC News reported Mr Trump's lawyers are talking to the Federal Bureau of Investigation about a possible interview.

With opinion polls suggesting the Democrats are well-placed to take back Congress, and possibly the Senate too, the clock is ticking on Trump gambling on a pre-emptive strike to neutralise Mueller's operation and stand a realistic chance of Capitol Hill backing him to do so. Trump wouldn't last four hours being questioned BY ME. The other big Trump scoop today is Axios reporting that his presidential schedule is shrinking because, evidently, he just doesn't have the mental energy of other past presidents. He'd break in front of trained professionals who already know more about his life than he does. I don't think Mueller would go for it, but they HAVE TO try. If Trump refuses to testify without invoking the Fifth, Mueller would have the option to subpoena him to testify in front of the grand jury, where his lawyer would not be present. Everybody in the entire damn country knows that Trump will HARM himself if he has to actually talk to Robert Mueller for a few hours.

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