Smart Home Devices to Look for in 2018

Smart Home Devices to Look for in 2018

Whether or on board with the idea of owning a smart home speaker or not, the latest survey by consultancy Accenture shows that some 37 percent of all U.S. households will have at least one smart speaker by the end of 2018. Google also reported the Home usage increased by 9 times during the holiday season, maybe from everyone at home trying to show their friends their new toy. They have been selling like insane and no one really knew at what rate until Google just let us know. Going by this, Google sold over 6.5 million Google Home devices. The Home Max started shipping to consumers in December 2017, so it may not account for the sales. In the same post, the company revealed that Google Assistant is "now available on more than 400 million devices, including speakers like Google Home, Android phones and tablets, iPhones, headphones, TVs, watches and more".

Furthermore Google pointed out that they would be revealing more features and future of Google Assistant in 2018 at the CES 2018. The company today has taken wraps off its large booth and unsurprisingly it is mostly focused on the Google Assistant. Amazon pioneered the phenomenon in 2014 with its Echo speaker range, before Google followed suit two years later with Home.

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People can now broadcast their voice from Google Assistant on smartphones or voice-activated speakers like Google Home. If you find a device that works in your smart home - you can purchase the item through The GearBrain, to help make your buying experience easier. While not yet as widespread as embedded voice assistant devices, stand-alone DVA devices are used more often and users are more satisfied.