Google is Merging Android Pay and Google Wallet into a Single Service

Google is Merging Android Pay and Google Wallet into a Single Service

Today Google announced that they are consolidating their payment platforms, notably Android Pay and Google Wallet, into a single, unified structure being branded as Google Pay.

The rebrand is coming a little late in the game. Lastly, Instacart orders of at least $35 completed with Google Pay by January 16 score $10 markdowns. Android Pay, Google Wallet, and transactions on the web are some of the areas that will shift over to Google Pay over the coming weeks. It arrived in Australia in 2016. The merger is aimed at making all payments across Google and on third party services more simple and safer. There's Android Pay for checkout lines, Google Wallet for sending money to your friends, and Chrome's autofill feature for online purchases. It says that the new payment service is already available on Airbnb, Dice, Fandango, HungryHouse, Instacart, and other apps and website.

Google's launched a lot of digital payment platforms over the years, what with Google Wallet, Android Pay and Pay with Google. "The lack of unity and consistent messaging has created challenges for consumers in understanding which Google payment product to use, not to mention how and where to use it", said Jordan McKee, principal analyst for payments with 451 Research.

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But there was no benefit in waiting for Google to finally capitalize on its most powerful branding tool-its name-with Google Pay after its odyssey of trial and error with other ideas, analysts agree.

Google, in all its infinite wisdom, is yet to come up with a single, unified platform for payments.