Trump tweets support for anti-government protesters in Iran

Trump tweets support for anti-government protesters in Iran

In several following tweets, the American president Donald Trump had been supporting the Iranian uprising. In a short speech on Sunday, December 31, he said, "those who described Iranians as terrorists can not stand in solidarity with them now".

Iranian protesters chant slogans at a rally in Tehran on Saturday, Dec. 30, 2017.

He said the protests are nothing like the massive protests of 2009 in terms of scope and demands, adding that "there is nothing to worry about".

The United States aims to collect "actionable information" that could allow it to pursue sanctions against Iranian individuals and organizations involved in a crackdown on protesters, a senior USA official said on Wednesday.

The protests in Iran appear to be dying down, as fewer protests were reported on Tuesday night.

The head of Iran's Revolutionary Guards has declared the defeat of the "sedition" in the country, referring to a wave of anti-government protests.

It did not elaborate on the affiliation of the militants.

However, the area occasionally sees clashes with Kurdish separatists based in Iraq, and the attack is not thought to be linked to the recent protests.

United Nations officials are calling on Iran to respect protesters' rights and release any who have been arbitrarily arrested while demonstrating peacefully. He's also stressing that demonstrations should be peaceful. He urged a coordinated response by the European Union that stresses the importance of human rights without calling into question the Iran nuclear accord.

But walking away from the nuclear deal - known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action and signed by six countries and the European Union - would likely take those opportunities off the table.

"The policies of these companies are not really clear", said Amir Rashidi, an internet security researcher at the Center for Human Rights in Iran, a non-governmental organization based in NY.

"Look at the recent days' incidents", Khamenei said. Hundreds have been arrested.

Views in the United States, and among Iranians everywhere, range from exuberant embrace of every tweet to disgusted dismissal of them all.

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Corker said the protests in Iran made it more important that Washington not do anything to shift the focus from Iran's government.

The English-language Press TV broadcast Wednesday's pro-government rallies live, saying they sought to "protest the violence that has taken place over the last few nights in cities".

While the rallies showed support among Iran's 80 million people for its clerically overseen government, the unrest which has swept through several cities appeared to be reaching smaller towns in the countryside, according to protesters' online videos.

The Iran nuclear deal of 2015 unfroze billions of dollars in Iranian assets that will enrich government officials, but the people continue to lack true democracy or prosperity.

For Trump, the protests have served as an unexpected but welcome opportunity to rally the world against Iran, and US officials said the administration was actively encouraging other countries to back the protests.

Ulrike Demmer told reporters in Berlin on Wednesday that "in the view of the German government it's legitimate and deserves our respect when people have the courage to take to the streets with their economic and political concerns, as is now the case in Iran".

Iran's Foreign Minister Javad Zarif pointed to Mr. Trump's own previous comments voicing support for the Iranian people, saying the US leader had an "odd way of showing "such respect" for Iranians". In the context of the demonstrations, Iran accused Trump of inserting the U.S. "We oppose such external interventions".

Where his predecessor stayed silent in 2009, Trump swiftly offered America's unwavering support to the Iranian people. At least 21 people have been killed.

State TV said pro-government rallies were underway in at least 10 cities, including Ahvaz, Kermanshah and Gorgan, where supporters held pictures of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and chanted slogans such as "Leader, we are ready", and "Down with the U.S.".

Rouhani appeals for calm and says Iran's problems will "take time". All the protest rallies so far haven't received prior permission from the Interior Ministry, making them illegal under Iranian law. Erdogan's office said Rouhani thanked Erdogan and told him that he hoped the protests would end "in a couple of days". "The watching!"

Iranian state TVs are airing footage of pro-government demonstrations in cities across the country after a week of protests and unrest over the country's poor economy.

Peek, a former military intelligence officer, told the news outlet that Iran's supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has been "tone deaf" in his reaction to the demonstrations.