Amazon gives Alexa more cooking chops, invests in June Oven

Amazon gives Alexa more cooking chops, invests in June Oven

Google's own Google Assistant will also be in the spotlight - "where there's Alexa, there's likely to be Google Assistant in the mix", writes The Verge in its CES 2018 preview.

In December, Wired noted some brands are already included on Amazon's Alexa platform called skills, through third-party apps - where you can order food from Starbucks and other retailers. Yes, you heard that right.

Amazon will also show off its traveling smart home as part of the Smart Life Roadshow it is doing with Intel.

"Customers can ask Alexa to set microwave cook times, modes, power levels, and more instead of using the traditional and often confusing microwave experience", Mass wrote. Support for other cooking devices, such as conventional ovens, is coming soon.

Expect to see the cooking features in use very soon. Using the appropriate Alexa Skill, and saying "Alexa, defrost this 2-pound sirloin steak", will start a microwave and punch in the correct settings - with just your voice.

First, the updated Smart Home Skill API will support microwave ovens.

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Whirlpool has signed on to launch an Alexa-ready microwave that will be the first to the market.

That's because today Amazon introduced built-in cooking controls for cooking appliances into the Alexa smart home API.

LG, Samsung, Kenmore and GE Appliances are also reportedly planning to add Alexa support to their appliance ranges. Amazon explained further telling CNET that, "we're making it easier for device manufacturers to build for Alexa by providing a common framework". The move will lead to June adding Alexa commands once oven support is available.

All in all, this is an interesting development in the technology sphere.

Amazon leaders like Miriam Daniels, director of product management for Amazon Echo, and Daniel Rausch, vice president of Amazon Smart Home, will be speaking on panels at CES this year. Hopefully, these companies are considering or taking necessary precautions to make sure that nothing leads to a risky situation or accidents.