Quentin Tarantino has pitched JJ Abrams a Star Trek movie, may direct

Quentin Tarantino has pitched JJ Abrams a Star Trek movie, may direct

According to a sources who have spoken to Deadline, Quentin Tarantino may be about to collaborate with J.J. Abrams on the next Star Trek film.

The Wrap reported Paramount has assembled a writer's room with a number of screenwriters to hear Tarantino's "Star Trek" pitch.

If all goes well, Tarantino would direct with Abrams producing.

But Tarantino has worked on projects associated with existing franchises in the past, though that's been limited to television. In the case of Tarantino, however, it's hard to think of a writer-director with more of a specific, honed sensibility. In an interview with the Nerdist podcast this September, the director said he was "definitely a fan of the original series" and "in particular a fan of William Shatner's".

The Hateful Eight director pointed to Star Trek: The Next Generation's "Yesterday's Enterprise" as one of his favorite of the franchise.

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Abrams, who is now working on "Star Wars: Episode IX", directed the 2009 reboot "Star Trek" and the 2013 sequel "Star Trek Into Darkness". He remains a producer on the current film series, even while he's entered the Lucasfilm universe with "The Force Awakens" and now "Episode IX".

This all calls into question of whether Tarantino would keep any elements developed by Abrams and others up to this point, including the idea of bringing back Chris Hemsworth to reprise his role as Jim Kirk's father, a story line pitched by Abrams around the premiere of Star Trek Beyond.

Quentin Tarantino is ready to explore odd new worlds.

He has never taken the reins on a franchise, though he did once direct an episode of ER and a couple of episodes of CSI.