Apple Watch Gets watchOS 4.2 Software Update

Apple Watch Gets watchOS 4.2 Software Update

Users can use their iPhone or Apple Watch to transfer funds directly to another person in just a few taps.

In follow up to the news reported earlier this week that Apple has launched its own P2P service (Apple Pay Cash), more details are emerging about how it actually works and the providers involved. The improvements were not rolled out to everyone at first on Monday, causing some confusion, but Apple announced yesterday the features were officially launched for all users in the United States.

Apple Pay Cash has arrived to U.S. customers, enabling person to person cash payments through Apple Pay and iMessage.

The initiating person (the payer) loads the appropriate credit or debit cards into their phone to be used in ApplePay in the Wallet app. The amount of money on the Apple Pay Cash card is displayed on the top-right corner of the digital card.

Though retail purchases are possible with Apple Pay Cash, the service's primary function is an easy way to transfer money between friends through iMessage.

iOS 11 is now running on 59 percent of iPhones and iPads according to Apple, which has updated its developer support page with the new data. The process is quick and easy for those who have already filed a card with Apple Pay. So, using this feature one can send and receive the money via messenger.

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You can download the latest version of the Gmail app from the App Store now.

Each payment, though, will prompt you to confirm it with a passcode, your face, or fingerprint. In order to enable the same, the required cash in Apple Cash has to be present.

After this is completed, the Apple Pay button at the bottom of a conversation in Messages is seen. Is Apple Pay Cash a Venmo killer, though? For example, the maximum balance on an Apple Pay Cash card users can have after verifying their identity is $20,000.

If you are sending or receiving cash, there is a $1 minimum and a $3,000 maximum.

Now a U.S. exclusive, there's no timeframe for the eventual global rollout. Within a 7-day period, users can send up to $20,000 tho their bank account. In a 7-day timeframe, users can add up to $10,000.