Ford Sues John Cena for selling Ford GT weeks after getting it

Ford Sues John Cena for selling Ford GT weeks after getting it

The GT is, of course, highly desirable, but Ford doesn't want to see owners buy and flip the auto to make a profit of it when that money could've been theirs-hence the two-years-of-ownership clause.

While this isn't normally an issue for regular Joes like you and I, Cena had signed a contract when he applied to buy one of the very rare, unbelievably exclusive new Ford GT, which stated he couldn't sell it for two years.

When supercar makers deliver a new rare and expensive model to the market - like the McLaren P1 or Ferrari LaFerrari - they go to a lot of trouble to ensure buyers are real aficionados who will love and cherish their new vehicle. Cena, who also had a 2006 Ford GT, was chosen out of about 7000 applicants to buy the vehicle, of which only 1000 units will be built. But it's all gone a bit Pete Tong.

Ford called Cena a few days later when it heard about the sale, and said Cena copped to the flip. WXYZ TV in Detroit has reported that the lawsuit initiated by Ford claims Cena sold the vehicle for a 'large profit from the unauthorised resale flip...' and that Ford 'suffered additional damages and losses...' Among those losses claimed in the suit are brand value, ambassador activity and customer goodwill.

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According to Ford, which has filed a lawsuit in Michigan, Cena only owned his GT for a couple of weeks before selling it for a rumoured big profit.

"Ford's lawsuit said Cena's Application Programme appeal included the line, "[If] I were to be deemed fit for ownership I would most certainly use every vehicle of communication to let the world know about the auto, the brand, and the experience".

According to the lawsuit, Ford reached out to Cena and confirmed with the wrestler he had in fact sold the auto to liquidate cash to pay for other expenses. The Blue Oval brand is seeking more than $75,000 in damages.

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