Apple Surprises Users With New iOS 11.2, Combats Widespread Restart Bugs

Apple Surprises Users With New iOS 11.2, Combats Widespread Restart Bugs

Typically, the tech giant has habitually released updates on Tuesdays.

The new update also enables fast wireless charging, at least for the iPhone X and iPhone 8, as well as new live wallpapers. iOS 11.2 is now available from the Software Update option in the Settings app.

Users facing the bug problem is highly recommended to get the iOS 11.2 as soon as possible.

Previously, iOS 11 was troubled with a bug that would restart your phone when you received local notifications. iOS 11.2 resolves the issue and includes a feature originally promised for iOS 11: Apple Pay Cash. The standard iPhone power adapter maxes out at 5W. In version 11.2, Apple jumps into the online payment service industry, with the predictably named "Apple Pay Cash".

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For iPhone X the size of the iOS 11.2 update is 430.7 MB. But for Apple, it's also a way to rope in users who have been reluctant to install Apple Pay, and keep people in the iMessage ecosystem.

This means that the iPhone is reloading the home screen, which takes a little while and is likely to prove annoying if you need to urgently make a call or perform another task immediately. Of course, the rollout is limited to select countries, so, I personally shouldn't count on it reaching Jamaica in my lifetime.

That money can then be transferred to the bank or kept on the device as a gift card, where it can be spent anywhere that accepts Apple Pay.

Users affected by the problem said their phones "respring" without warning, which means the device doesn't go through a full reboot but instead shows users a spinning circle. When they are ready, we will update this article with the details. Apple Pay Cash works let Venmo and allows you to send and receive money from friends. This update also includes bug fixes and improvements.