Coins, needles removed from youth's body in Madhya Pradesh

Coins, needles removed from youth's body in Madhya Pradesh

Those items - 236 coins, 100 nails, many extremely sharp edges, a 6-inch bit of a rusted iron shackle, four needles, and a couple of glasses pieces - were found in the man's stomach.

Doctors from the hospital in Satya, Madhya Pradesh, made an endoscopy of 35-year-old Maksud Khan for alleged food poisoning.

The 35-year-old had kept his weird eating habits to himself, but surgeons found 263 coins, 100 nails and dozens of razor blades.

The operation was performed at Sanjay Gandhi Hospital in Satna, Madhya Pradesh wherein a whopping 7kg of foreign objects were removed from Khan's stomach.

According to reports, the man is believed to be mentally unstable and Dr Sharma said his family or friends did not know about his freakish eating habits.

Khan's relatives say he had slipped into depression and may have become hooked on to eating metal objects.

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Amazingly enough, the coins and nails did not cause any problems right away.

They also found stones and pieces of glass. "He had been eating metal for a year but did not tell anyone", A.P.S. Geharwar, head of surgery, told Times of India. The doctors said the man is now under the observation.

Khan, who had been complaining of stomach pains for three months, is a three-wheeler driver who would swallow the coins given to him by customers.

Priyank Sharma, who drove the surgical group, disclosed to International Business Times, "We were stunned to find coins, nails and nut-fasteners in his stomach".

Amazingly, the coins and nails never caused any pain or problem initially.

Khan promised to not substance abuse again and doctors said he was now stable, the Daily Mail reported. They had pierced the stomach and caused internal bleeding, but the doctors intervened just in time to prevent the case from getting worse.