Giving thanks: Community Thanksgiving Dinner offers food, friendship

Giving thanks: Community Thanksgiving Dinner offers food, friendship

He said friend Lisa Haase, of Ashtabula, made him aware of the opportunity to help and they chose to come and serve dinner.

"What I'm looking at the most and that's why I like to work out here is meeting the people that come in because this is something that I enjoy doing", said volunteer, Ken Cooper.

Organizer Myron Johnson said the dinner is about the community sharing a meal.

"We still have to answer those calls yet they take time instead of being with their families and dedicate it to us and we're very grateful for that", Tedder said.

The Community Café at Fairhope United Methodist Church has been serving a Thanksgiving meal for several years.

"This is a community effort and it's a attractive thing to see people from all different walks of life come together to put this together and make this happen", The Rev. Kathryn Beilke said. "I think we served about 100", Howe said.

"But even here, there's people in need", he said.

University of Wyoming students Andrea Alzalde and McKenna Malmstrom came out to volunteer, as a way to spend Thanksgiving with members of the community.

It's not just the menu that keeps hundreds of people coming to celebrate Thanksgiving at St. Peter's Catholic Church; it's everything, said St. Peter's President Cindy Engelkamp.

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Thanksgiving dinners were served to those less fortunate, or people who may not have a place to go. "You can see the people and know that you're helping these people to avoid loneliness and segregation". "It's good to come back to see family and friends at Saxe Gotha and also to get to help out during the holidays".

The meal was cooked at six different churches early Thursday morning.

"It's a labor of love", Eash said Wednesday by phone while she was on her way to pick up a few extra groceries for the meal.

Fumiko Leach said she never misses the Thanksgiving Dinner at the senior center.

"Thanksgiving is the one holiday that everyone has in common, regardless of your faith or your religion, your spiritualness - whatever", she said.

"It makes me happy". "I went a year ago and I liked it so much that I went back".

Allison Siverly helped coordinate the outside delivery of meals and said the church had 51 locations to bring food to for Thanksgiving.

She said the organization hopes to partner with the Orwell American Legion Post next year.