Apple's £999 iPhone X suffering from 'crackly' audio, some users complain

Apple's £999 iPhone X suffering from 'crackly' audio, some users complain

Apple appears to be replacing handsets that are returned to its stores and are found to have problems, but that's probably not a whole lot of comfort to anyone that just handed over £999 or more for a new phone.

All three models are expected to feature a full-screen design and include a TrueDepth camera.

Our advice to prospective iPhone X buyers is simple: Get the screen guard along with the shell cover during purchase of the device. As the Apple iPhone X's display is manufactured by Samsung, this might be a serious hardware problem which can not be fixed permanently via software updates.

The artist behind the iPhone X Plus concept image said that he based the increased proportions of the current iPhone X on the same ratio Apple used for the iPhone 8 Plus.

"According to a few reports floating around today, KGI Securities sent out a research note claiming that the third mystery iPhone model that we pointed to in August may turn out to be a 6.1" iPhone with an LCD display. What exactly is going to be that price, we will get to know in the future. Things like that will likely all have been solved and non-existent by the time these new models are released next year. And that drop sets new records for fix costs as well.

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As Kuo sees it, this device will cater to the "low-end" and "midrange" markets (and yet, Apple being Apple, he predicts that they will still cost somewhere between $649 / about £495 / about AU$851 and $749 / about £571 / about AU$982). The new TFT-LCD model will differ significantly from the OLED models in hardware and design specs (for instance, the PPI will be lower).

Luckily, it seems that Apple are replacing all faulty devices free of charge. The issue was noted a little while after the iPhone X was purchased and not right out of the box.

It's no surprise that Apple will release new models next year, but it is surprising to have this information so early after the iPhone X being released.

Several iPhone X users have posted it on Apple's discussion forum and some also took to Twitter to report about the feature.